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SKU: 221005RG

Ranch Girls Horse Cooler khaki

Color: khaki

Ranch Girls Horse Cooler khaki is one of the best things you can do to keep your sport or ranch horse healthy and agile. To tell you a few important facts about this soft, and functional Horse Cooler: it helps regulate a horse's body temperature after exercise or physical activity. The main purpose of a horse cooler is to assist in cooling down the horse gradually and preventing it from catching a chill or getting too cold after exertion. Crafted from our signature high-quality polar fleece fabric, our Horse Cooler Blanket ensures superior insulation and moisture-wicking properties. This exceptional fabric guarantees that your equine friend stays warm and dry, making it an essential piece of gear after training sessions or during cooler weather. Try it out yourself, your horse will dry in only 10 minutes with this functional Fleece Cooler. We understand that every horse is unique, which is why our blanket comes in two sizes, catering to horses of different breeds and builds. Finding the perfect fit for your equine companion has never been easier. The size Large corresponds to a size 70-72 INCH. And the size XL corresponds to a size 74-76 INCH. Whether you own a normal-sized Quarter Horse or an Arabian, you can confidently order size L (70-72 INCH) without hesitation, as the horse cooler tends to run slightly larger. However, if you have a large Western horse, a Friesian, or a cold-blooded breed, we recommend ordering size XL (74-76 INCH) for the perfect fit and maximum comfort. We strive to ensure that our cooler fits like a glove, providing your horse with the best possible experience, no matter their size or breed. Your horse will appreciate the tailored feel, and you'll love seeing them cozy and content in their well-fitted cooler. The horse rug has three Velcro closer on the left side of the horse neck, one is placed between the ears to attach it to the halter, and there is a soft elastic band on the tail part which prevents the rug from slipping.


    • washing machine laundy (86°F)
    • no dryer
    • air dry
    • don´t use softener or pods, just regular liquid or powder
    • no ironing 
    • close velcro closer before washing
    • 100% Polyester


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