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Western Wear - Texas - Women - Men - Wear for Riders

The Ranch
Girls Brand

Even outside of the usual seasonal beats, we produce sporty and voguish pieces, in small runs throughout the year. „Why should you try Ranch Girls gear?“ One of our biggest aims is to keep you warm and voguish. Even after several years of wearing Jackets, sweatshirts, and jeans, will look brand new in their special and unique appearance.

Go ride, and be ready to have dinner with friends afterward with no changing and deciding what to wear. We combine Sportswear with mode.  For over 20 years, serious horsemen and women have trusted the quality and sturdiness of Ranch Girls & OS-Western Sports Apparel products. Now it´s time to convenience yourself!

We keep you warm and dry! What do we all have in common? Besides the love of horses. We have to go out even in a snowstorm and take care of the horses. That is why we use very light and at the same time warming microfiber padding, they trap air and warm the body.

Windproof outer materials keep out dirt and cold. Our softshell items are laminated with fleece lining. Cuts with long sleeves and space underneath give you a comfortable feel. 


Western Wear
Western Wear
Western Wear


Solid Polar Fleece quality dries your horse within minutes. Velcro closure on the left side of the horse's neck, will not disturb your horse when eating or drinking. A soft and elastic tail holder keeps the blanket where it belongs.

Like all our products, it is easy to clean, you can wash it as many times as you want, and it will stay in the same shape and look as you bought it.


One of our options to amaze you is to present something 'NEW' every handful of weeks. We want to keep it fresh. Nobody wants to buy the same items all year round. New color combinations of our best sellers, new sporty styles like a softshell vest, or polar-fleece items.

Some beautiful t-shirts and long-sleeved items are not to be missed. Be prepared not to be bored with our Ranch Girls® brand.

Western Wear Est. 99 - Western Brand

No one wants to wear the same jacket as their neighbor all the time, so we keep it interesting with comparatively fewer pieces. Since we are riders and American Quarter Horse breeders ourselves, we can easily adapt and improve our goods to meet needs. Because don't you think that there is always something to improve and learn?

Family-owned since 1999 As horse lovers, we started 24 years ago with a good idea. In the meantime, we are an integral part of the European western scene. Since the American market is dominated by a few large corporations, we have discovered a gap for ourselves in order to provide you with high-quality and new clothing.




We combine the coziest polar fleece and inside-brushed sweatshirt fabrics with functional, water-repellent, and light nylon materials. Some of our sweatshirts and outerwear jackets have an extra fluffy teddy plush lining, for example, the style ´SCARLET´. With this particular jacket, you will never freeze. In the Ranch Girls Pro-Shield item, you can ride, work or catch your horse inside or outside!

Sweatshirts and Outerwear jackets are built with the best freedom of movement - there is nothing worse than sitting on a horse or working, recognizing that your jacket or sweater is not comfortable. As Breeders and riders, we know about these demands, and we always give our best to create another favorite piece.


Like our brand name says we are a Ranch Brand, for any kind of Horse Lover. We want you to fall in love with our unique western wear. We want you to feel cozy and protected. Even if it’s summer and you only wear a T-Shirt, it’s our job, to make it soft and cool at the same time. Besides the functional materials, an easy and pleasant way of usability is essential to us, small hidden zipper pockets on our ´all-time favorite´ sweatshirt jackets, let you store important things while ranching or riding your western horse. 

The main zipper which is able to open from both sides, lets you stow things or open the item with one hand, with no danger of snagging the western saddle horn; if it's ever happened to you, you know you're a Ranch Girl!



Metal or YKK plastic zippers are stable and easy to close and open. Soft, elastic, and double woven rip cuffs give the western hoodies and Ranch Girls sweatshirt jackets stability. We frequently bring out new colors and cuts! Variety is what is important to us!

The composition is made of high-quality cotton, with a percentage of polyester. The roughened inside binds air and thus produces insulation. The material is tightly woven, durable, and even to a certain extent waterproof. The sweatshirt ware does not shrink, you can wash it and wash it, and it stays in shape and color!

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