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Riding Jeans - Western Wear


Riding jeans, also known as riding pants, are a specific type of trousers designed to meet the unique needs of horse riders. These jeans are engineered to provide comfort, flexibility, and safety during various equestrian activities, including riding, training, and competing. Unlike regular jeans, riding jeans are tailored to ensure that riders can move freely and comfortably while maintaining proper posture in the saddle.

They are typically made from high-quality, durable materials such as denim, cotton, or technical fabrics and are constructed to withstand the rigors of riding, including abrasion and friction from the saddle. Riding jeans have a close-fitting design to prevent excess fabric from bunching up or causing discomfort while riding. This snug fit reduces the risk of chafing and provides a sleek appearance.

Many riding jeans incorporate stretchy materials like elastane or Lycra for added flexibility. They often feature a mid to high-rise waistline to ensure that riders' lower back remains covered and protected during movement. Additionally, riding jeans may have reinforced knee patches or full-seat patches made from suede, leather, or synthetic materials, offering extra grip and durability in areas prone to wear and tear.

The stretch panels or inserts in riding jeans enhance the rider's ability to move freely and maintain balance while riding, and the stretch fabric ensures that the jeans retain their shape after prolonged use.

Seam placement is also carefully designed to minimize friction points with the saddle, preventing discomfort, chafing, and pressure points. For comfort during long rides or in hot weather, riding jeans often incorporate moisture-wicking and breathable materials to keep riders cool and dry. Some riding jeans even include built-in pockets or slots for inserting protective padding, such as knee or hip guards, reducing the risk of injury in the event of a fall.In terms of style and aesthetics, riding jeans come in various styles and colors, ranging from traditional denim to more modern and fashionable designs. Riders can choose options that best suit their personal preferences and the specific discipline they engage in. Additionally, depending on the equestrian discipline, riders may find specialized riding jeans designed for dressage, show jumping, Western riding, or endurance riding, each tailored to the specific demands of the activity.

In conclusion, riding jeans are an essential piece of clothing for horse riders, providing a combination of comfort, durability, safety, and style. These specialized trousers are tailored to accommodate the unique movements and demands of horseback riding, ensuring that riders can focus on their horsemanship without the distraction of uncomfortable or ill-fitting attire. Whether for casual riding or competitive events, choosing the right pair of riding jeans is an important consideration for any equestrian enthusiast.

A brief look back at how and from where jeans became established as riding apparel and a staple of Western fashion.

Jeans, which have their origins in the late 19th century, were not initially designed as riding attire for Western riders. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis created the first blue jeans in 1873, primarily targeting miners and laborers with their durable denim pants, reinforced with rivets. However, as the American West experienced rapid expansion during this period, jeans found favor among cowboys, cattle ranchers, and other Western workers.

The American West demanded clothing that could withstand the rigors of daily activities such as riding horses, herding cattle, and outdoor work, making jeans a practical choice. Their thick denim fabric offered protection against abrasions, thorns, and other hazards often encountered during ranching and riding.

While jeans were suitable for many aspects of Western riding, some riders made adaptations to enhance functionality. Riders occasionally wore chaps or chinks over their jeans to provide extra leg protection during rough terrain rides or cattle drives.

In addition to their practicality, jeans became iconic in popular culture. Hollywood, literature, and later television played a significant role in popularizing Western wear, including jeans. The image of the cowboy in jeans became synonymous with ruggedness and freedom, contributing to the enduring association between jeans and Western riding.

As time passed, jeans evolved from practical workwear into a fashion statement. In the mid-20th century, they became symbols of rebellion and youthful counterculture. Despite their evolution, jeans remain a popular choice for both work and casual wear, continuing to be favored by Western riders today.

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Western Wear - Texas - Women - Men - Wear for Riders

Built to Last with Top-Notch Denim

You don't want to keep replacing your jeans because they're wearing out too fast, right? Well, that's where Ranch Girls Jeans come in. They're made with top-quality denim that's tough enough to handle all the crazy stuff you do on the ranch. These jeans won't fade or wear out quickly, and that's a win in our book.

Made by Horse Folks for Horse Folks

The folks behind Ranch Girls aren't just designers; they're cowboys and cowgirls themselves. They know the ins and outs of the horse world because they live it. This means they've put their jeans to the test in the real deal. You can trust that these jeans are tailored to fit your needs, whether you're in the saddle or on your feet.

Perfect Fit for Moving and Grooving

Life around horses means bending your knees a lot, like when you're wrangling bandages or doing other horsey stuff. Ranch Girls Jeans has got you covered. They're cut slightly higher in the back so you can move around without showing off more than you want to. It's all about freedom of movement, and these jeans get it.

Comfy as Can Be

Comfort is king when you're wrangling horses or just hanging out at the ranch. That's why Ranch Girl’s Jeans go the extra mile. Some styles have a soft, stretchy waistband that feels comfy against your skin. You can be stylish and cozy at the same time – what more could you ask for?

Seams that Won't Rub You the Wrong Way

Ever hopped on a Western horse and found that those regular jeans' inside seams can be downright uncomfortable? Ranch Girls Jeans have got this covered. Their jeans feature flat ironed inside seams, so you won't end up with any unwanted chafing or rubbing against your skin while you're settling in on your Western saddle. It's all about making your ride as smooth and comfortable as possible. Say goodbye to those irritating seams, and hello to an even better riding experience.

Bootcut Done Right

If you're into bootcut jeans, you'll appreciate what Ranch Girls has done here. Instead of those super wide flares that can get in the way, they've gone for a more practical approach. Their bootcut styles are just slightly flared, so you won't end up with twisted hems while you're riding. Plus, you can tuck these jeans right into your boots if that's your jam.


When you're on the hunt for a great pair of jeans, Ranch Girls Jeans should be right up your alley, especially if you're a horse enthusiast. These jeans are not your run-of-the-mill denims. Let's break down why Ranch Girls Jeans are the real deal and a top pick for folks who love Quarter Horses and Reining.

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Western Wear - Texas - Women - Men - Wear for Riders


For those craving a touch of European flair while embracing the Western lifestyle, Ranch Girls has something special in store. They offer skinny-fit jeans, a style that's gaining popularity and seamlessly blending European fashion with the rugged charm of ranch life.

Picture this: a pair of Ranch Girls Skinny Fit Jeans, snugly hugging your legs all the way down. And what's the best part? You can effortlessly tuck them inside your beloved Western boots. It's a chic move that not only highlights your fashionable boots but also brings a sleek, modern twist to the classic Western look. Now, let's talk about practicality.

With the skinny fit design, you can avoid the discomfort caused by those pesky seams or pull straps that tend to rub against your skin. Ranch Girls Jeans understands the importance of a seamless experience, making sure your ride is smooth and stylish, all while showcasing your fancy boots on the shaft.

So, whether you're hitting the ranch or stepping out in town, Ranch Girls Skinny Fit Jeans let you strut your stuff with a touch of European elegance while keeping the Western spirit alive. It's a win-win, blending fashion and function seamlessly into your everyday equestrian adventures.

Front Pocket Elegance

The classic 5-pocket style of Ranch Girls Jeans features a subtle and understated logo on the front, adding a touch of sophistication without being too flashy. It's all about keeping it classy.

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Iconic Back Pocket Flair

But the real magic happens on the back pockets. Here, you'll find a variety of styles, each showcasing the iconic Ranch Girls icon logo. The best part? It's not a one-size-fits-all deal. Different styles offer different looks, so you can choose the one that resonates with your individuality.

META: Riding Jeans - Western Wear

Diverse Designs, Distinct Details: Ranch Girls Riding Jeans

Ranch Girls Riding Jeans aren't just about comfort and functionality; they're also a style statement. With a diverse range of designs, Ranch Girls caters to every taste, ensuring you look and feel your best while in the saddle or strolling around town.

Signature Embroideries

Some styles go for the timeless charm of the signet logo, using different yarn types to create unique effects. You can find them in glittering threads or regular embroideries, depending on your mood and the occasion.

Riding Jeans - Western Wear

Western-Inspired Details

For those who appreciate a hint of Western inspiration, Ranch Girls Jeans offer designs with rounded letters and curves. These details add a touch of the Wild West to your look, a subtle nod to the ranch life we all love.

Riding Jeans - Western Wear


How do I choose the right size?

In our product descriptions, you'll find detailed information about how our jeans are designed, including their fit, rise, and the materials used. When it comes to choosing the right size for our jeans, understanding the composition of the denim material is essential. Let's take the example of our stretch jeans styles, such as 'CLEO' and the skinny fit styles 'BELLA' and 'BETSY.' These styles are crafted from a very soft and flexible denim fabric with 6% stretch, allowing you to order your regular size because the jeans conform to your body and offer elasticity.

For jeans like our 'DAISY,' which feature a sturdier and less elastic denim material with only 1% stretch, we recommend ordering one size larger. To assist you in finding the perfect size, we've provided sizing charts and brief descriptions for all our items. You can locate these sizing charts beneath the product photos. If you are still unsure, and the description and size chart have not provided the assistance you need, please reach out to us via email or use the contact form on our website. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide further assistance.

How do I choose the right length of Ranch Girls riding Jeans?

The right length of riding jeans is crucial so that they don't ride up and look sloppy. As a guide: If you are between 63.7 and 66 inches tall, length 34 = Long is recommended. We make sure that length 34 is long enough, even when you are sitting in the saddle. For people 67.7 inches tall and taller, length 36 = Extra Long is recommended unless you plan to wear the jeans with sneakers for everyday wear, in which case length 34 may also work. Length 32 is ideal for shorter women; if you are 62 inches tall, a 32 jeans length will work for you. Find the size chart for each pair of jeans under the product photos. There, you'll discover a detailed size chart with the length of the jeans. We measure the length from the top of the side waistband in a straight line along the leg to the end of the hem.

How do I select the appropriate cut and material for my needs?

At Ranch Girls, we are passionate reining riders, and as fellow riders, we meticulously test our designs down to the smallest detail before production. In Europe, particularly in Germany where we originate, skinny jeans have gained immense popularity, primarily because they are suitable for wearing inside riding boots, preventing wear and twisting of the Jeans leg. If you rely on using a lot of leg movements during your rides, this cut serves as a comfortable and practical alternative.

This cut is designed to sit just above the hip bones, featuring a narrow fit at the knee and leg. The inside seams are thoughtfully designed to be flat, enhancing comfort and reducing irritation. You can find this cut available in both light-wash denim and dark wash, with two distinctive designs to choose from. The Ranch Girls riding jeans cut is suitable for all body types, whether you're curvy or slim. Additionally, they are available in two lengths: 32 (Regular) and 34 (Long). The 34-inch length is ideal for Ranch Girls with longer legs, providing extra length for a comfortable fit. 


If you prefer the American bootcut jeans style, we have a selection that's perfect for you. Our rugged workwear jeans style, DAISY, lives up to all its promises. This cut is ideal for both riding and working, designed to sit just above your hipbones, above the buttocks a little higher to ensure that no skin is shown when moving and bending. The slightly thicker fabric is well-suited for the fall and winter seasons.

Our bootcut style, CLEO, is crafted from the same super-soft stretch material as our skinny styles. If you have a curvier, feminine figure, this style is the right choice for you. It's elastic and ideal for riding, as well as for competitions, as it allows for the easy wearing of chaps without restricting your freedom of movement. On hot days, the lightweight, stretchy fabric is the best choice.

How to measure Jeans correctly?   

The best and easiest way to measure well-fitting jeans is to lay them on a flat surface, ensuring they are straight and wrinkle-free. To measure the waist size, align the jeans on the table so that the entire waistband is stacked on top of each other. Then, using a tape measure in a straight line (keep the tape taut), measure from the right to the left side. This method determines the waist measurement (waist width), which is half of the circumference. You can also find this measurement in the charts on our website. To measure the hip width, lay the jeans flat on the table again. The waistband no longer needs to be aligned; just ensure the jeans are straight and wrinkle-free. Measure at the widest point of the buttocks in a straight line from right to left to determine the hip measurement.

The thigh width is determined in the same way. Lay the jeans flat on a surface, ensuring that the transition from the seat and crotch to the leg does not create any creases. Smooth out the side of the leg you want to measure, ensuring the outer and inner leg seams are straight. Then, measure in a straight line from right to left to determine the thigh width.

Measure the leg length of the jeans by ensuring that the jeans lie on a straight surface as evenly as possible and without creases. Start measuring from the top of the waistband, along the outer leg to the hem in a straight line. Keep the measuring tape as straight and slightly taut as possible; this is how you determine the Jeans length. Ranch Girls riding jeans are available in three lengths: 32 = regular, 34 = long, 36 = extra long.

How should I properly wash Ranch Girl’s Jeans?

It's best to wash the jeans with other denim items. If you purchase dark jeans from us, it's advisable to give them one wash before wearing them. This helps prevent any potential staining of your skin, especially during activities like sweating. After this initial wash, the jeans should no longer cause any staining. For jeans with stretch, it's recommended to avoid using a dryer as the heat can be less favorable for the material in the long term. Instead, opt for air-drying for the best results. Use regular detergent, liquid, or powder. no fabric softeners.

How can I return the Jeans? 

If you've ordered a pair of jeans from us online and they don't fit, you can return them to our office and headquarters address. You will be responsible for the return shipment to us, but we will cover the cost of sending the right size back to you.


Western Wear - Texas - Women - Men - Wear for Riders
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